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General Pricing

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TUITION - $13,000

ADMINISTRATION FEE - $500 (once only, non-refundable, includes homestay fee)

OTHER COSTS (depending on year level and subject choices) -

SUBJECTS: Some subjects such as Food Technology, Workshop Technologies, Art, charge for materials used. Fees may be $50-$70 a year. Photography $150 and Digital Design $100. Only students choosing these subjects need to pay the fees. For other subjects see the school handbook (under the school crest you will see where to download the subjects available for each year level).

NATIONAL EXAMINATION AND AWARDS: Students must pay the entry fees.

Year 13 Scholarship $100 per subject entered
Year 13 NCEA (Level Three) $375 (five subjects)
Year 12 NCEA (Level Two) $375 (five subjects)
Year 11 NCEA (Level One) $375 (five subjects)
NCEA = National Certificate of Educational Achievement

SCHOOL TRIPS: These costs vary according to the subject the student does. Most are around $15 to $20. There is an optional senior history trip to Wellington for $500 and OPES pay $280 which includes two tramping trips and other activities. Senior International Students not sitting exams in November may wish to go on trips around New Zealand (optional) with school approved providers. This will involve additional costs depending on the type of trip chosen. In some cases the school may provide a capped subsidy.

STATIONERY: Approximately $80-$100, plus scientific calculator for Mathematics ($40).

UNIFORM: For Years 9-12 students. About $400-$500.


SCHOOL CAMPS: These fees are approximate and only apply to students taking these subjects:

Year 12 Biology $60.00
  Geography $152.00
  Outdoor Education $480.00
Year 11 Geography $210.00
Year 9 Outdoor Education Camp $60.00



Weekly fee


IDD and Internet Bond


Retainer if student absent on holiday NZ $100 (in December/January). In other holiday times full board will be paid.

NOTE: Homestay fees are invoiced in advance and paid by the school to the homestay family fortnightly. The IDD bond is refundable on departure when all telephone and internet charges have been paid by the student.


If you change your mind before coming to New Zealand , your full fees are refunded, less a $500 administration fee. If you wish to withdraw after coming to New Zealand , the following conditions apply:

a) No refunds will be made to students who return home for any reason other than the student’s serious illness, or serious illness of a close family member. Medical evidence must be provided.

b) No refunds will be made to students who acquire Permanent Residence, or whose parent acquires a Work or Long- Term Business Visa after having enrolled here. The only exceptions are when the intention to apply is declared at the time of application, or for annual contract renewal.

c) Refunds may be made to students who transfer to another school in New Zealand before Term 3. This will be done on a case-bycase basis, after consultation with parents.

d) No refunds will be made to students who are asked to leave the College because of misbehaviour or poor attendance.

e) In all cases of refunds, New Zealand law compels the College to cover costs already incurred.



Howick College is required to ensure that all students’ fees are protected in the event that the school is unable to continue to offer tuition.

The Board of Trustees guarantees that students’ fees are separately coded, will not be spent in advance and will only be spent after the tuition has been received, thereby ensuring availability for refund.


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