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Student Testimonials

Chiara: Italy

Click anywhere on the black to exit photo.I really enjoyed my time here in New Zealand, because here in Howick College there are a lot of opportunities, like trips, night performances and shows which was really nice... I spent a lot of time with the OED class doing a lot of tramping. Kiwi people are very kind and friendly and will help you with any problems if you are in troubles etc. I would love to repeat the same experience again. I found everything easy to do and I received all the information that I needed from the teachers and class mates who were really kind to me and patient. Thank you for everything! Corinna: Germany

Click anywhere on the black to exit photo.Corinna: Germany

Today I have been here in New Zealand for 6 weeks and I have really enjoyed my time here! I remember my first day I felt very cold here because I came from the hot summer in Germany but soon my home stay family made me feel warm and after the first day I can say that I crossed the word 'homesick' out of my dictionary. Every new day is full of new experiences and new things to explore. I got to know a new school system and I could choose subjects like Outdoor Education or Photography that I could never do in Germany. The Outdoor Education trips that I did showed me the country. I had the chance to get to know new people and learned a lot which will stay with me for my whole life. I am so happy about my decision to come to New Zealand which will change my life for a very long time. The Kiwis are the friendliest people in the world. In Germany nobody would say 'Thank you' to the bus driver when getting off the bus. I think everyone should go to another country not only to learn the language. There is too much to see and to learn.

Maggie: China

Click anywhere on the black to exit photo. I am one of the internationals who graduated from Howick College. It has been 9 years since I first came to New Zealand and to Howick College. I still remember the first day at school as I didn't understand a word from people around. Oh no, there's one sentence I understood and still clearly remembered from Mr. Wright, he said "Come with me." I was quite depressed that I could not understand what people talked about, but my teachers never gave up on me. They tried to explain to me again and again plus some body language, to make it easier for me to get what they were talking about in classes. As I started to fit into the environment in Howick College I made more friends from every class and was able to participate in different school activities. Teachers and friends always tried to help out whenever I got doubts. I didn't feel like I was an international student. It was one of the wonderful times in my life to study at Howick College. It means not just a school for me, just like New Zealand means not just a country to me - New Zealand makes feel like I am home, it gives warmness and Howick College gave me knowledge and power. Now I can proudly stand in front of people to tell them I am from Howick College.

Sebastian: Chile

Click anywhere on the black to exit photo. First of all, I'm really enjoying my experience in New Zealand. I came to New Zealand for experience and learning English nad it's been the best experience in my life. New Zealand is very safe and if you come, you can do activities every day like playing rugby, netball, soccer, swimming, running etc because some of them are free. Howick has many things to do like playing bowling, ice-skating, a big mall and is very close to the city. It's a very healthy life and it's very fun because every day isn't the same routine. The people here are very friendly. As soon as I arrive here my home-stay mother showed me the school and just in a couple of days I had many friends from all over the world. With Howick College I have gone on 3 trips and I'm going on another trip in three more weeks to the top of the Island because I don't have exams. In the trips I met many people and I slept in a tent, jumped off a waterfall etc. It's very fun. Finally I'm leaving in 5 more weeks and I would like to come back one day. If one of my new friends comes to Chile I could show him where I live.


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